The New Wealth 

Magnetise Your Abundance, Hold Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy

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It is time for a shift in consciousness. 

It is time for a new way of BEing on this planet. 

The walls around us are crumbling.  

The structures are collapsing. 

The veil is thin and we can see things we have never seen before. 


Let me walk you towards a new way of life on planet Earth. 

This book is an activation. 

This book is a Divine Transmission. 

This is a movement towards 'The New Wealth'. 

I welcome you onto the path. 

If you are ready to be in the currency of love and abundance, joy and bliss, then join the VIP list for the release of my book, 'The New Wealth: Magnetise Abundance, Hold Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy.' 

You will receive the Intro of the book and at least one of the interviews I have done with Rossco Paddison about the financial system. 

And behind the scenes shares about the journey to writing my book. 

I ask that in return, when the time comes to launch this beauty into the world, you will help me share the message, if you have loved what you are receiving.   

Welcome to 'The New Wealth'.  

See you on the inside. 


The New Wealth launched the 21st of December 2020 - an incredibly energetically powerful day. 


Pre-order your signed copy of the book. I am currently taking orders for personally signed copies of my new book. 


Signed copies are $35 including shipping anywhere in the world.


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The Wealth Alchemist

Keri Norley stands as a sacred pillar granting seekers of truth permission to live their soul-aligned purpose, redefine their relationship to money and amplify their wealth.


She is able to facilitate this evolutionary space by holding the frequency of "The New Wealth", forged through her embodied knowing about the essence of wealth and service.

It's time to elevate
the playing field...

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